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August 12, 2013
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It's A Pleasure To Meet You by TexasHeat It's A Pleasure To Meet You by TexasHeat
[Original Here!]Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Request #2: TexasHeat

How do you like your tea?"


General Information

First Name:Theodore Aarushi (Formally Parton)

Nickname: Theo

Species: Naga

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship status: Married


    Theo is probably one of the kindest guys you will ever meet. He always instantly thinks the best of someone when he first meets them. Even when they don’t look all that trustworthy (some miiiight think that’s incredibly naïve of him. And they’d be right from time to time). If Theo sees someone is in need of help, he’ll do whatever it takes to help them. Give them food, shelter, etc. He tends to fuss over someone until he knows they’re 100% OK. Theo doesn’t get too comfortable unless he knows someone on a personal level. 

    He is extremely devoted to his daughters, his husband, his friends, and his work (in that order). He’d willingly put himself in harm’s way if it meant protecting them. Though his husband really wouldn’t like that. Theo might get exasperated at Hamadi’s actions (overly affectionate in front of others, being one example), but it’s one of many reasons why he just can’t get enough of him. Theo could NEVER stay angry at his husband for long. All Hamadi has to do is pout a little and Theo is putty in his hands. 


Parents: Nati (mother), Theodore Parton (father, never met)

Enemies: Kreios

Children: Natalie (oldest), Selene (just a baby-boo)

Friends: Prince Venom and Nafretiri, his children’s caretaker and Prince Venom’s fiancée. 

Spouse: Hamadi, Anisha(deceased) 


Occupation: Tea Maker/Prince’s Spouse

Guilty pleasures: Taking baths with his hubby x3

Artist: :iconazuyasai:
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